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Stud Wall Partitioning

Stud Wall partitions are suitable for residential and commercial use. We cna build you a strong and high performance stud wall which are:

  • cost effective
  • lightweight
  • thermally efficient

Plastering East London can build you a plasterboard partitions and wall which is non load bearing, and are constructed using dry techniques. This plasterboard partitions are suitble for many applications these include housing, commercial and industrial buildings. Stud wall partitioning can used to simpl divide space, offer fire resistance (using suitable fire rated plasterboard), improve sound insulation and improve strenght to existing structers (none load bearing).

Plasterboard partitions utile lightweight materials and can give the significant saving in materials and labour costs.

Construction: Plasterboard partitions and walls are constructed using lightweight materials which can give rise to significant savings in structural design compared to the masonry alternatives.

Plastering East London coffers this as part of our services and we are more than happy to come and quote on this in the East London area.

Metal Stud Partition East London

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