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Two more contracts have just been completed in Walthamstow in the Month of August 2012 by D Davis & Sons.A client requested 4 walls in a bed room to be skimmed for painting after. She removed her bed and other furniture from the room and the carpet which was a great for moving around.When the walls were examine they were flat, good and solid. All they need was PVA, scrimming of all cracks and 3mm of multi-finish plaster. Then they would be as good as new for painting.This was done by plastering east London, D Davis & Sons.The kind young lady was very happy and grateful.

The next job was a staircase, hallway, and a through lounge. the staircase, the hallway and through lounge needed some making good done to them.So we prepared the them by removing loose plaster then we applied bonding plaster. put edge beads where needed. The two plasterers who carried out this are highly skilled. they finally applied the PVA and skimmed to a high standard. The client was happy and glad to pay. We are here to serve in the craft of plastering. Call us now for a free visit and quote. Mob: 07958905797 or Landline 020 3322 7721




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